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1st 42

Our Story

One snowy, cold Saturday in January 2019, 42 black women gathered at Mount Clemens High school to take what we believed to be an iconic photo celebrating black women of Macomb County. It was just about a picture. but since that picture the vision grew beyond that. The picture grew to be an exhibit celebrating the black women of Macomb County, that exhibit "From Where I Sit" will be showcased at the Anton Art Center. 

The 42 women turned into 80+ women. Over the past 3 years the 1st 42 has gathered often to stay connected always celebrating who we are and staying committed to be recognized for the women that we are because of the women who came before us.

Black Women of Macomb County Exhibit

"From Where I Sit"

An exhibit celebrating the Black women of Macomb County. The group of over 80 women are preparing an exhibit for its opening in August 2023. "From Where I Sit" will showcase the history and accomplishments of Black women in Macomb County, who have played an integral, if at times quiet role in the growth of what we know as Macomb County today.

Moving right along! Since February we have held 2 sessions. March 18th celebrating Women's History Month we met to talk about health disparities and of course how we can continue to prepare for our exhibit in August. We gave away over 15 books and have more to pass on. We have 2 events in April. April 1, chairs are in for those who have ordered chairs and writing materials will be available for those who are working on their narratives.

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